Developing young women of today into effective leaders of tomorrow through social and emotional skill development, using an evidence-based curriculum. 

About Us

Leaders in Pink Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is a holistic development program designed for girls in grades 6-12 that focuses on the discovery and development of social and emotional intelligence through interactive workshops, social events, community service and life-coaching.

The curriculum focuses on the science, life situations, cause and effect that stem from social and emotional intelligence. Students will learn how to manage emotions that will reduce and preclude prevalent obstacles, such as: bullying, low self-esteem, teen pregnancy, truancy, depression, and peer pressure.  Upon completion of Leaders in Pink, students will possess the knowledge and tools to lead a healthy and purposeful life as effective leaders.

The Need

More than 12 million kids in the US live in poverty. Daytona Beach, specifically,  ranks 24 on the list of most impoverished cities in Florida.. Research shows children who live in poverty experience a lack in basic essentials, such as: food, clothing and stable living conditions, are more prone to depression, anxiety, criminal mischief and school dropout. With fewer role models, educational programs and resources, adolescents are marginalized exponentially.

Our History

Leaders in Pink Inc. was founded in 2017, and its curriculum piloted with Booker T. Middle, located in Sarasota, FL. As of 2021, the LP Inc. organization has provided services to 200+ students in counting throughout Sarasota, Volusia and Dade County; partnering with brands like YMCA, Westin Hotel, Level Up and D.I.V.A.S. of Sarsota. 

Meet Alexia

Alexia joined Leaders in Pink in 2019, shy to speak in person and socialize with new faces, Alexia wasn’t fully developed into her “greater self” just yet. Alexia also experienced challenges with having a short temperament, always quick to react and fight with others. 

After a few months of attending events and receiving consistent personal coaching, Alexia was able to begin her journey of personal and social growth. She began to soar in her conduct and academics, and was even accepted to travel to Washington, D.C., with Leaders in Pink Sky Miles, a select group of girls from the organization who submitted essays describing their leadership and academic performance to win the trip to our nation’s capital.

Alexia also ignited the idea to raise funds for a cause, instead of a fun event for Valentine’s Day 2021. Ecstatic to see Alexia embodying one of our very own values, philanthropy, we created “Alexia’s Be Sweet to Others” Fundraiser where handcrafted sweet arrangements were sold to the community with full proceeds going to Hope Place, a homeless shelter located in Daytona Beach, FL.

Alexia’s progress and success is one of many that substantiates the value of Leaders in Pink’s mission and invaluable services. 

Program Benefits

  • Helps students manage their emotions
  • Helps students develop better relationship management skills
  • Prepares students to mentally face life challenges
  • Develops social skills through community service and outreach
  • Prepares students to consciously problem solve
  • Increases academic achievement, reduced aggression and emotional distress

Meet the Founder

Hannika Shellings was raised in Daytona Beach, FL and knows firsthand how to overcome an emotionally traumatic childhood. It all began when her father abandoned the family while she was in grade school. In middle school, at the age of 12, Hannika found out she was adopted; and, with no identifying information on her biological parents, she has yet to learn anything about them. These incidences caused Hannika to suffer from depression, as well as low self-esteem, and set her on a path of self-destruction that ended with spending 30 days in Volusia county jail. While in jail, Hannika reflected on her life and knew she needed to start making better choices. Thus, her time spent there became the catalyst on her journey to heal herself.


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