Volunteer Opportunities


Committed to cultivating a genuine and healthy relationship with assigned mentee(s) that will facilitate and support the mission of the program. Key responsibilities will include

  • Meet with assigned mentee(s) one- on- one weekly to develop a trusting and open relationship
  • Establish, record, and track mentee goals contingent on personal aspirations and developmental needs, adjusting as needed
  • Formally record and log time with mentee to report to Executive Director monthly
  • Attend Leaders in Pink community and group activities
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Dedicated to at least a 2-year commitment

Event Coordinator

Oversees the management and production of all program events. Must be organized, reliable, and solution oriented. Key responsibilities will include:

  • Plan, organize, and communicate all event details
  • Act as a liaison between program and inter-agencies involved with events
  • Manage staff and vendors for necessary production
  • Promptly addresses and communicates all unforeseen changes and revisions
  • Arrange and secure event location

Fundraising Coordinator

Organizes and executes all fundraising initiatives. Must be a highly-driven individual who can confidently solicit the mission of the program to successfully meet fiscal goals. Key responsibilities will include:

  • Identify and create effective fundraising strategies
  • Plan, organize, and communicate all fundraising initiatives
  • Formally record all monies and donations that are received
  • Responsible for maintaining records of all donors